dirty chai tea latte on iceno recipe needed

A while back I was working at a local coffee shop and asked if they had something “like a chai tea latte, but with coffee”. They looked at me a little strangely, kindly informed me that it is referred to as a “dirty chai tea latte”, and proceeded to whip up a delightful afternoon pick-me-up. It was love at first taste and the dirty chai tea latte on ice quickly became my go-to afternoon beverage of choice. I eagerly introduced them to the Mister the next time we were at Starbucks and the rest is history!

I have to give him full credit for coming up with the idea to make them at home – although I’m pretty sure his suggestion had more to do with easing the toll that our newfound addiction was taking on the pocketbook than it did ensuring I could enjoy them every day of the week. Nonetheless, I’m grateful that we now have a simple solution for making these at home – and since our version only costs around $1, I really can have them every day of the week. j/k… lol… but seriously. ;)

A recipe isn’t even necessary, but here’s a little guidance to get you started…

the elle in love, iced dirty chai tea latte, recipe

Dirty Chai Tea Latte on Ice

what you need…

chai tea
half and half

Brew single serving of Chai tea (approximately 6 oz). Add a shot of espresso (make it a double if you’re feeling adventurous). Note: We use our Nespresso for this, but I’m sure you could also use strongly brewed coffee if you are without a way to make espresso at home. Pour over ice. Add about an ounce of half and half.

Optional: Although we prefer it without, you could also sweeten it up with a little sugar or whipped cream.


the elle in love, iced dirty chai tea latte, recipe