on this daysemi-sweet morsels

on this day
I granted myself a hiatus from writing over the summer with the aim to pick up with it again once autumn arrived. In looking at the calendar, I may have missed my cue. However, we've been in the 80s until a few days ago (and still in the 90s just a week prior to that), so my seasonal awareness has been just a little off. Grace granted. I'm not going to lie, this su[...]

navigating communicationthe lawn clippings

navigating communication
Keeping an eye on the conglomeration of our belongings that we had brought with us was my responsibility. Securing four wheels to transport us and said luggage around the country for the next week was his. Excited as we were to be celebrating a decade of marriage with a getaway in Ireland, our fresh-off-the-plane, haven't-slept-in-24-hours, nervous-to-be-in-a-foreign-[...]

the fireplacecurating the common

the fireplace
I stood in front of my pristine, white fireplace - metal file in hand - and took a few deep breaths. Knowing there was no turning back from intentionally scratching the surface of our unblemished mantle, I wanted to be extra certain of myself before making the next move. Within moments, I was overcome with courage and quickly discovering that distressing the fireplace[...]

rosemary lemon spritztwenty-one plus

rosemary lemon spritz
Normally when I think of herbs, I think of savory dishes made from scratch or perhaps even freshly baked bread. And yet lately, every time I cut rosemary from our window box I find myself craving a cocktail. (Thankfully I only gather herbs on occasion.) For a long time I stuck to sweet and tropical beverages, but lately - thanks to a little guidance from the Mister -[...]

a casual-yet-not-too-relaxed outdoor spacecurating the common

a casual-yet-not-too-relaxed outdoor space
The brick was the first thing I pointed out about this house. I instantly fell in love with it and was especially thrilled to discover that it covers the entire exterior - which means our outdoor living space just happens to have that "exposed brick" wall that I've always wanted. I almost couldn't believe it myself when within a few months I was considering painting o[...]

strawberry spinach saladno recipe needed

strawberry spinach salad
Raise your hand if you are like me and find yourself making the same reliable dishes over and over. It isn't that I don't love being creative in the kitchen, the problem is simply that I don't have a menu of everything I can make to pick from and am left with the top-of-my-head-go-tos the majority of the time. Last week I was shopping for overnight guests - which h[...]

making this house a homeour nest

making this house a home
We closed on our house the Monday before Thanksgiving. The next day, a semi-truck filled to the brim with our belongings pulled up in the driveway and unloaded something like 362 items (including boxes, pieces of furniture, etc.) into our new-to-us 1.5 story house. Wednesday brought the realization that unpacking was going to take a lot longer than I thought, and Thur[...]

tennesseans# t h e e l l e i n r e l o c a t e | ten

We've been Tennesseans for over five months now and it's crazy to think that we've already owned a home in the South for longer than we lived as renters uncertain about their next move. It's just another reminder that although being in the midst of it may feel like an eternity, it turns out to be but a blink of an eye once it's all said and done. That's a truth I f[...]