of all the places# t h e e l l e i n r e l o c a t e | eight

of all the places
I had a hard time letting go of the possibility that we could go anywhere or do anything. It wasn't that I desired that sort of freedom. In fact, I think it's pretty obvious in this story that the lack of direction was difficult for us. What I really struggled with was the thought that we might mess up this opportunity by making the wrong decision.

willing# t h e e l l e i n r e l o c a t e | four

It's that brief moment of time between night and day. When the sun is just below the horizon, yet its light is visible. In the morning, the purple sky appears just before dawn, and offers its glimmering hope that a new day is about to begin. It's called twilight. That is precisely how the question first came to us. As the slightest trace of possibility. It had been[...]

without a plan# t h e e l l e i n r e l o c a t e | three

without a plan
I'm not the one who has it all together. Typically, I'm the one running around on the day-of making last minute adjustments and fixes. Even so, I am a planner. My motto is usually, I can be flexible, but let's at least have a plan in place. For me, making a plan has more to do with being intentional than it does organization - hence why my plans are usually less th[...]

when life gives you lemonssemi-sweet morsels

when life gives you lemons
They have to be here somewhere. At this point it was more about my determination to find what I was looking for than it was the necessity of having them. The spare bedroom had gone from neat and tidy to a complete disaster in about two minutes flat. One way or another, I was going to find those plastic Easter eggs. Most days, I feel as though we have pretty much se[...]