strawberry spinach saladno recipe needed

Raise your hand if you are like me and find yourself making the same reliable dishes over and over. It isn’t that I don’t love being creative in the kitchen, the problem is simply that I don’t have a menu of everything I can make to pick from and am left with the top-of-my-head-go-tos the majority of the time.

Last week I was shopping for overnight guests – which had me reaching a little further than usual for options to have on hand – when the stars aligned as both spinach and strawberries caught my eye at the market. I was suddenly craving a salad that I had made a few years back after falling in love with my aunt’s version, and simultaneously had the perfect solution for getting out of the garden salad rut I’d been in.

Admittedly, I’m adding this to my online collection of recipes in large part so that I myself will be reminded to make it more often. However, with summer in full force you might also benefit from adding the ingredients for this light and refreshing salad to your list this weekend!

A recipe isn’t necessary, but here’s a little guidance to get you started…

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Strawberry Spinach Salad

what you need…

baby spinach
fresh strawberries
feta cheese crumbles
glazed pecans
raspberry vinaigrette

Place spinach in a bowl. Top with cut strawberries, pecans, feta and dressing. Mix and serve.